"It comes down to cost effectively  delivering your compelling to your target customer." - Matt

Matt Dial

Founder | Digital Strategy Expert | Speaker

matt@tamedsavage.com | (678)642-2973

Matt On Digital Success.

"It comes down to cost effectively crafting a compelling customer journey that delivers your unique value proposition to a well defined customer target and then maximizing that customer value respectfully." 

- Matt

More about Matt

A seasoned entrepreneur and successful business leader, Matt formed Tamed Savage Digital llc after serving as COO / CMO of a highly regarded eCommerce based Fortune 500 company. They became  his first client.

A visionary strategist, accomplished businessman and marketer, Matt combines solid business acumen,with leading edge digital marketing principles grounded in good ole fashioned proven marketing principle to deliver outstanding results at a cost that makes since for Tamed Savage Digital's clients. 

A proud father to 3 daughters, in his free time Matt enjoys the experience and learning that comes with travel , The relaxation that comes in visiting the beach, and is a 15 year Harley Davidson enthusiast.

A Few Career Highlights:

  • Turned around a 15 year old successful eCommerce Brand with 3 years of declining sales achieving consistent sales monthly sales improvements consistently at or better than 50% over previous years sales - 2019
  • Profitably took a fledgling brand with strong budget constraints in the highly competitive online Beauty Products space to 6 figures in 12 months showing a profit on initial customer sales in a space where brands typical loss money on new customer acquisition in favor of lifetime value  and achieved a 50 returning customer rate in the same year- 2018
  • Co-founded The Suwanee Beer Festival - Recognized as one of the most popular and largest beer festivals in the country. -2010
  • Co- Founded Suwanee Magazine - Community magazine for Suwanee Georgia  which was voted a top 10 place to live in America -2010
  • Founded  Grease Inc. Magazine - Regional Motorsports enthusiast magazine 2009
  • Founded Biker Brands Motorcycle Supply Company - His First online / Retail venture - 2007
  • Developed and led the largest branded wholesale Tool and Fastener Program of its kind in the us building materials market Reaching sales in excess of $36,000,000 annually - 2000 - 2006


Matt Dial - Founder Tamed Savage Digital llc

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