We Know Advanced Ecommerce Strategy

Growing an eCommerce brand is a more complex undertaking than most expect, but when crafted properly you can realize amazing results. 

We save you time, money, mistakes & accelerate profitability by working with you to craft custom digital journeys that attract & convert new customers based on your company goal


We Craft Custom Digital Journeys That Perform!

The Fact is your business has unique factors that simply mean that what works for the guy down the street likely will not work as well for you.  

Winning in digital marketing is the combination of many things both obvious and not so obvious (Often surprising!) that work together to achieve the results you desire at a cost that makes since for your business.  

This is what we do! - Guaranteed!

Recent Ecommerce Case Studies

Hawaiian Healing Skin Care

Hawaiian Healing Skin Care

Hawaiian Healing Skin Care


Took over from a $10,000 per month agency and immediately improved profitability and over all ROAS.  Redesigned sales pages and campaigns to achieve new growth, higher average sales and a 50% customer return rate.


Hawaiian Healing Skin Care

Hawaiian Healing Skin Care


Delivered a consistent 45- 55% Increase In Monthly Year Over Year business consistently with better positioned ads, improved sales pages and stronger up sells for this established 15 year old ECommerce Brand .

Full Marketing Services!

Looking For More Than Just Digital Marketing? Perfect!

Digital marketing is what we do and we really rock it, but we are much more!  

Tamed Savage Digital is a growing group of highly experienced customer experience experts, marketing experts, media buyers, video producers, voice over talent and graphic design experts that can help you throughout your business.

The Team


Matt Dial

Derek Dugan

Derek Dugan

Founder Of Tamed Savage Digital  | Digital Expert | Business Strategy Expert | Speaker | Harley Entusiast


Derek Dugan

Derek Dugan

Derek Dugan

Award Winning  Graphic Designer and Advertising Expert | Sales Page Designer | Professional Santa


Alana Korol

Derek Dugan

Alana Korol

High Production  Professional Blogger  | Copy & Content Writer | Serious Dog Mom

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